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2018 Technology Trade Show

Technology in Education Exhibition
Tradeshow: January 31 - February 2, 2017 Niagara Falls Ontario

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Do business with Campus Retail Canada

How to Partner with CRC

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Campus Retail Canada.
As an organization, Campus Retail Canada (CRC) IS NOT a buying group. Our members each buy individually to serve the needs of their Students, Faculty & overall Institutional mandates.

As a Distributor or Manufacturer interested in doing business with CRC it would be your responsibility to form a relationship with our members & nurture individual relationships with each one.

Every June, our CRC tradeshow brings Directors, Managers, Buyers & Salespeople to Toronto to meet new Distributors & Manufacturers. At this show, members are focused on Back to School buy-ins & new product relationships. This is the only time all year that we have all members in one place at the same time.  As someone looking to penetrate this marketplace this is a "must attend" event. The show takes place each year in the May/June time frame.

As a Manufacturer it is in your best interest to be supported by one of our many Distributor partners in Canada. Some members will buy over the border as a last resort  while most will look to accommodate a product purchase from the people we are already partnered with. You can find a full list of our partners here. As an organization we would be happy to provide you contact information for our partners.

Once a sufficient number of members are doing business with you, we would gauge a partnership relationship based on:

  • Who is your current competition?
  • If you are a manufacturer, what distributors do you sell through?
  • Is your product unique from our current partners’ assortment?
  • Are your terms & conditions preferable over your competition?
  • How competitive is your pricing?
  • At the request of our members.

For a full listing of all CRC Members, click here. For our Partners, click here.


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