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2017 Technology Trade Show

Technology in Education Exhibition
Tradeshow: February 2 & 3, 2017 Niagara Falls Ontario
Only 40 booths available. 

For information and registration, go to the appropriate links below:

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Associate Member’s Information

Interested in Joining Campus Retail Canada?

Campus Retail Canada is a non-profit collective of over 30 university and college owned computer stores across Canada. Initially formed to gain its members a competitive advantage through bulk buying, we have grown to become a valuable resource for members. CRC provides information, education, and we are a powerful tool for influencing new products and programs in the fast-growing educational computer market. Valued by members, relied upon by vendors, today’s CRC is a vital link between knowledge and application that will ensure our customers continue to be well served by Canada’s largest campus computer retail network.

On behalf of Campus Retail Canada, I would like to invite your institutional store to be a new CRC Associate member.

An Associate Member relationship with Campus Retail Canada will enable your bookstore to keep abreast of the latest Technology products & trends by gaining access to information & opportunities that will help your stores to remain current and competitive!


Membership Enrolment fee – $500.00 Cdn.
Yearly Associate renewal (due by Jan 31st) – $100.00 Cdn.

Associate membership benefits:

Access to all CRC Partner Programs (student select licensing, special buys, free partner benefits where offered)
Access to our CRC member Website
  • Gain access to our Administrative information, advertising & show registrations
Access to our CRC member Forum
  • Gain access to member discussions & product information
  • Gain access to communication with our IT Distributor & Manufacturer Partners

Access to our June CRC Conference & Tradeshow - Free attendance - Corporate hotel rates and airfare to be paid by your store. Meal plan commitment to be paid by each attendee (contract will be available February 15, 2013)

Access to our Education Advertising program - quarterly Ads are available for advertising on your Bookstore website
Access to buy into any deals that we have as a group

Graduated Opportunities:

In the event that your business growth reaches our mandated sales level for full membership you may want to become a full member with all the opportunities that this would entail.

Your initial $500.00 investment can be credited towards the $1500.00 cost of becoming a full member.
You will be eligible to receive Grant money as outlined in our Managers Guide.
Free transportation & hotel paid for the “Principal” of your location to attend our June Conference.