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2018 Technology Trade Show

Technology in Education Exhibition
Tradeshow: January 31 - February 2, 2017 Niagara Falls Ontario

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Welcome to Campus Retail Canada

Campus Retail Canada is an organization of 30 campus computer stores across Canada that are owned and operated by their university or college.

Our mandate is to provide their schools, faculty, staff and students, with quality computer products at competitive prices.

CRC serves the needs of more than one million students and 100,000 teaching and support staff from coast to coast. Initially formed to gain its members a competitive advantage through bulk buying, we have grown to become a valuable resource for members. CRC provides information, education and we are a powerful tool for influencing new products and programs in the fast-growing educational computer market. Valued by members, relied on by manufacturers, todays CRC is the vital link between knowledge and application that will ensure our customers continue to be well served by Canada’s largest campus computer retail network.

Strength in numbers

Campus Retail Canada is an organization of 30 University and College campus computer stores across Canada providing a cohesive unit to leverage buying power for its members. Our mandate is to provide each institution, its faculty, staff and students with quality products at competitive prices.

On-campus resource

CRC stores are self-supporting operations with all surpluses administered back to the institution. All CRC members are committed to following best practices that contribute to the innovative and central functioning of their retail/institutional operation.

Just the facts

CRC member stores offer you only fact-based guidance about the products they sell. Their interest is simply to ensure the product you buy fits your needs – whether it’s a volume purchase or a minor upgrade.

Quality relationships

CRC’s manufacturer relationships are among our greatest competitive assets. Our member’s commitment is linked between the needs of their institutions and the support of some of the leading IT manufacturers in the industry.

Economic Spin-offs

Many campus departments, faculties and student groups are the beneficiaries of additional business thanks to your On-Campus Computer Store.

  • Administrative and student advertising, both electronic and print, receive thousands of dollars in ad revenue either directly from your Store or due to the partnership arrangements with the manufacturers.
  • Varsity Sports receive major sponsorship funds either directly or indirectly from many CRC member Stores.
  • Food Services receive additional business from catering of on-campus sponsored IT events through your campus Store.
  • Student organizations are the recipients of equipment donations, scholarships, major prize contests, and funding of events sponsored by your campus Store and their manufacturer partners.
  • Student Employment opportunities. Your campus Store employs many students, providing them with long term employment and valuable IT training throughout their years at school.


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